Make A Difference Day

RTLB participates in this national day of service by completing 2 to 5 sites, generally requiring less skilled type of work.

By extending Make a Difference Day – the 4th Saturday in October – to the whole of October, RTLB is able to provide repair services to an ever-growing number of low-income homeowners.

USA WEEKEND Magazine initiated the concept of Make a Difference Day some years ago. Today, several million volunteers – from all walks of life, including corporations, churches, community associations, non-profits, and groups of neighbors – participate to complete thousands of projects from coast-to-coast.

We at RTLB spread out our ‘MADD’ projects throughout the month, enabling us to provide services as complex (and as simple) as those we complete during National Rebuilding Month. Of course, this entails our needing your assistance; skilled or unskilled, you can help us make a difference in the lives of low-income homeowners! Learn more about the ways you can contribute here.