RTLB operates year-round, completing projects that range from those requiring unskilled labor, to those that an experienced handyman can deal with, to those that required licensed skilled trades-people. All of our work is completed at no cost to the homeowner or non-profit served. Our various programs are outlined below.

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National Rebuilding Month

The signature event of Rebuilding Together, this large-scale workday allows RTLB to complete 5 to 10 sites requiring various types of skilled work.

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Make a Difference Month

RTLB participates in this national day of service by completing 2 to 5 sites, generally requiring less skilled type of work.

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Assistance for Non-Profits

We offer assistance to select organizations that serve people who are low income, elderly, families with children or persons with disabilities.

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Mobile Home Repair Program

Under a generous grant from the City of Long Beach, RTLB is able to perform a full range of free repairs and rehabilitation for mobile home owners within the City. With one exception, this program mirrors all of our other programs.

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