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National Rebuilding Day

The signature event of Rebuilding Together, this large-scale workday allows RTLB to complete 5 to 10 sites requiring various types of skilled work. These inspiring stories inspire us to keep volunteering year after year. These people are the reason we do this; they are our family, friends and neighbors. They deserve to live in a safe, healthy environment and it was our honor to assist them.

Make a Difference Day

Make a Difference Day is the national day of services sponsored by USA Weekend Magazine It is the most encompassing national day of helping others – a celebration of neighbors helping neighbors. Over 3 million volunteers across the country will rally to make a difference in their communities. Rebuilding Together Long Beach participates in the Make a Difference Day by rehabilitating 2 to 5 sites. Generally, this workday focuses on sites that do not require as much technically skilled volunteers.

Assisting Non-Profits

The Greater Long Beach area has a multitude of nonprofits offering services to people who are low income, elderly, disabled, and families with children. For example, the Long Beach Nonprofit Partnership lists over 1,000 community-based organizations in the area serviced by Rebuilding Together Long Beach. Volunteers with these organizations are helping individuals in need by mentoring youth to help them stay in school, serving food at their local church or shelter, providing job training and employment counseling, etc. Through service, volunteers are supporting the vulnerable populations hit hardest by the economy and helping create stronger, more stable communities.